Today in the city Plano 22.05.2018

Bulldozer triggers giant pollen cloud

Video from New Jersey shows a bulldozer driving into a tree laden with pollen as the state records "extreme" levels of tree pollen.

Americans released from detention in North Korea were immediately whisked to a waiting plane

The three Americans released from North Korea on Wednesday were only freed about an hour before they boarded a plane with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, bound for the United States. Secretary of Stat...

Bernie Sanders has a new plan to raise wages, and it's a major signal on where the Democratic Party is headed

Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced The Workplace Democracy Act, a bill that would strengthen labor unions. Sanders said the plan would help boost wages and reduce income inequality. The plan is unlik...

California regulators approve plan to mandate solar panels on new home construction

California regulators voted Wednesday to approve a historic plan to mandate solar panels on new home construction.

Deutsche Bank's New Restructuring Plan Trades Off Some Long-Term Value For Stability

Deutsche Bank recently announced what was its fourth reorganization plan in the last three years alongside underwhelming results for the first quarter of 2018.

Ohio voters approve bipartisan redistricting plan to avoid gerrymandering

On Tuesday, Ohio voters overwhelmingly passed Issue 1, a plan to change how the state draws its congressional districts to prevent excessively partisan gerrymandering. Currently, there are "12 congres...

This is how to survive a plane going down, according to a pilot

Everyone thinks they are familiar with air safety instructions. But in a crisis, you might not find it so easy to recall what you should do. According to a pilot, you should firstly remove all scarve...

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